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Today I would like to share this top 15 from my christmas background music works. I choice diferents types of christmas background music for your videos: classical carols, happy christmas mood, christmas soundtracks, mystery christmas style and christmas idents. Here´s the purchase and preview download links: 1. Christmas Ukulele 2. Christmas Soundtrack 3. Silent Night 4. Christmas […]

An awesome epic inspirational background music for videos. Give the perfect music to your video with this cinematic music. Follow the links for download a proper license. Epic Inspirational Background Music List: 1. (0:00) Epic Inspiring 2. (2:24) Epic Heroic 3. (4:45) Epic Motivational 4. (6:44) Inspiring Dramatic 5. (9:25) Epic Intro 6. (10:39) Epic […]

Choice of my best background music for videos that includes many types of music as happy, cinematic, corporate music, documentary background music for videos and more. Here´s the links for download: 1. Happy Ukulele & Whistling Music 2. Happy Ukulele Summer Music 3. Inspiring Cinematic Music 4. Epic Music 5. Epic Heroic 6. Epic Cinematic […]