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Give the perfect mood to your visual media work with the correct soundtrack. Just check this background music for documentaries & films that includes deferents emotions and ambients: From Intrigue to action, tension, sadness and more.

Background Music For Documentaries Track List:

1. (0:00) Documentary Atmosphere
2. (1:57) Documentary Intrigue & Drama
3: (3:40) Cinematic Documentary Atmosphere
4. (6:08) Documentary Piano Tension
5. (8:05) Documentary Ambient
6. (11:08) Modern/Business Ambient
7. (14:27) Cinematic
8. (17:19) Forgotten Piano Dreams
9. (19:34) Piano Emotional
10. (22:28) Sad Piano Background
11. (24:35) The sadness
12. (27:03) Documentary Dark Background
13. (29:03) Life – Inspiring Background

Remember activate your license for monetized your video on Youtube. Just follow the instructions on the item/link description. Thanks.

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