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Choice of my best background music for videos that includes many types of music as happy, cinematic, corporate music, documentary background music for videos and more. Here´s the links for download: 1. Happy Ukulele & Whistling Music 2. Happy Ukulele Summer Music 3. Inspiring Cinematic Music 4. Epic Music 5. Epic Heroic 6. Epic Cinematic […]

Give the perfect mood to your visual media work with the correct soundtrack. Just check this background music for documentaries & films that includes deferents emotions and ambients: From Intrigue to action, tension, sadness and more. Background Music For Documentaries Track List: 1. (0:00) Documentary Atmosphere 2. (1:57) Documentary Intrigue & Drama 3: (3:40) Cinematic Documentary Atmosphere […]

Today I would like to share this top 15 from my christmas background music works. I choice diferents types of christmas background music for your videos: classical carols, happy christmas mood, christmas soundtracks, mystery christmas style and christmas idents. Here´s the purchase and preview download links: 1. Christmas Ukulele 2. Christmas Soundtrack 3. Silent Night 4. Christmas […]

An awesome epic inspirational background music for videos. Give the perfect music to your video with this cinematic music. Follow the links for download a proper license. Epic Inspirational Background Music List: 1. (0:00) Epic Inspiring 2. (2:24) Epic Heroic 3. (4:45) Epic Motivational 4. (6:44) Inspiring Dramatic 5. (9:25) Epic Intro 6. (10:39) Epic […]

Epic background music | Royalty free music for videos: Epic background music, an heroic, dramatic, powerful, beautiful and majestic noble cinematic theme for orchestra suitable for movie trailers, advertising, video games, sports videos, inspirational and motivational videos, commercials and more.  

Royalty free inspiring music: Royalty free inspiring music for piano, orchestral strings and percussion. Beautiful and uplifting melodic motives with epic drums. Perfect for advertising, inspirational and motivational videos, soundtrack, video games, background music in dramatic films, youtube videos, documentary, corporate videos, tv, slideshows, web, sports videos and more. 4 versions are included.     […]